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When I began creating the El Dorado Method more than 20 years ago, it was not with the intention to ever share or sell it. I had fallen into a pattern of financial and romantic failure and was burdened by feelings of profound unhappiness. Having already tried hundreds of different self-help books and programs with no success, my hope for a better life was dwindling.


Then, I discovered manifestation.


Despite never having been a particularly spiritual person, something rang true about the idea that our inner states of mind can exert influence over external reality. In an attempt to harness the power of this truth- to experience this mystical art form firsthand  - I dove headfirst into studying it. I read any and everything I could get my hands on regarding manifestation and the law of attraction -- The Secret; all the various works of Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, Joel Goldsmith, and Manly P. Hall; scientific studies on the power of positive thought and affirmation; ancient religious texts that encouraged active control of the mind; and much, much more.


Though these teachings illuminated much for me, I still wasn't able to employ them in a way that was practical. Basically, I had lots of interesting new knowledge, but my life still sucked.


It was at this point I realized something: Just because you've been given all the pieces of a puzzle doesn't mean the puzzle will put itself together. Everything I'd spent years studying had immense value, but individually, each teaching was incomplete. It was up to me to put them together in a way that actually led to change.


So that's what I did. I painstakingly began to assemble a brand new understanding of conscious creation based on all the disparate information I'd acquired over the years. And (somewhat to my surprise, after years of repeated failure), it worked.


My life changed almost overnight. I found massive financial success, ended up in the relationship of my dreams, and (for the first time since I was a young child) was completely and totally happy. Like thousands of explorers throughout history who've set out in search of the mythical golden city of El Dorado, I'd set out in search of material fulfillment and inner happiness. Unlike so many of those who went looking for El Dorado, though, I actually discovered my golden city.


Eventually, this led to work teaching entrepreneurs and corporate teams my knowledge of the art of conscious creation. From there, I wrote an Amazon best-selling book called The Conscious Creator's Guidebook. Even with all the success my teaching inspired in others, though, many people came to me with essentially the same question:


"I understand the theory behind everything you're teaching, and that's helped me make immense progress, but it feels like the missing key is a practical, step-by-step guide. What is the exact method you used to manifest your dream life?"


Enter The El Dorado Method: All the knowledge I've gathered on manifestation and the law of attraction after years spent studying was distilled down into an exact method that anyone can use to change their life fast. It's the very same plan that I used to turn my life around, and it's an honor to now be in a position where I can share it with everyone who is seeking to make their life better, too.


This method was crafted with purpose and with love, as it's a method I created out of desperation. Quite simply, I needed it to work -- and that's why I know for certain it'll work for you, just like it did for me.


I look forward to hearing the many success stories you gain from employing my method. When you have some, be sure to send them to me at -- I love reading emails from happy clients. And, if you have any questions about the method or about manifestation more generally, feel free to contact me at that same email address. I read everything that's sent to me, and above all else, my passion is for helping people understand the power of conscious creation (whether they buy one of my programs or not).

All The Best,

  • How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts/Feelings/Beliefs At The Source Instead Of Brute-Forcing Your Way Past Them (The Strategy Most Self-Help Programs Encourage)

  • How To Use "Patterning" (The Only Manifestation Technique Ever Studied In A Rigorous Scientific Setting) So You Can Quickly Access New States Of Mind

  • How To Reinforce Positive States (Even When Your Mind Is Occupied) Using The SENSE Technique

  • How To Manifest Money, Love, And Luck No Matter What The World Throws At You

  • And Much, Much More

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